Wellness and Fitness


Our massage specialist Gabriel Suñer provides a range of different massages and will help you to "let go" completely ... Gabriel is using his own mixture of natural essential oils (rosemary, lavender, arnica ...) with natural grapeseed oil as a base. Upon request, in summer your massage can take place "under the blue sky" - for example, in the shade of an olive tree or near the pool ...

Massage specialist in Majorca Son Amoixa Vell


Our physiotherapist Manja is specialised in holistic treatments for your wellbeing. A physiotherapeutically treatment helps you to recover the functionality of your body and minimize discomfort to restore your wellbeing. The treatments are based from a holistic point of view. The objective is to restore disturbed or damaged functions. Every treatment lasts 60 min to give your body the attention it needs to recover as quick as possible.

Physiotherapy with Manja Son Amoixa Vell Majorca

Start your day by being fit

Start your day vital and active with Manja.

This 50 minutes soft and diversified full body training with a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and functional Training teaches you a variety of breathing techniques and helps you better your strength, endurance, coordination and mobility. This course is consciously designed upon the physical and emotional conditions of our day-to-day. Modern equipment helps you reach deep sensibility and maintain muscular balance

What you need: comfortable clothes and shoes and a towel

Price per person: 20 Euros/Unit (Minimum number of participants: 3. When only 2 participants: 35 Euros/Unit.

1 person: 70 Euros/Unit.

Fit in your day with Manja Son Amoixa Vell Majorca

Swimming Pool

Superbly located, surrounded by lawn in the midst of a Mediterranean landscape with oleanders, orange trees, lemon trees and vineyards, our swimming pool is the perfect place to unwind and totally relax... The "bathing season" in Majorca is usually from mid-May to late October. However, depending on the amount of sunny days, our solar heated pool reaches a pleasant temperature even before, and it often holds up until November. By the way - at Son Amoixa Vell you can swim "chlorine free"!

Swimming pool Son Amoixa Vell Majorca


Holidays - that means above all relaxation for body and soul! Leave the daily hassles behind you... Relax after a long excursion or after doing exercise... Our Finnish sauna - the "archetype" of sauna - offers space for 4 people. And - there are no extra costs.

Sauna Son Amoixa Vell Majorca