Stand up paddling

Stand Up Paddeling requires little effort in order to dive quickly into this experience. A board can be rented almost anywhere and after just a few tries it works out. However, for those who wish to learn the right technique or just improve has come to the right place. As a trainee from the German SUP and Prevention Association they offer you lessons with success guarantee through a team of sports teachers, physiotherapists and top athletes. Here you can find a list of our offers and quotes. Personalised courses can be arranged.

Course  Number of participants Price/Person
Privat session 70min
1 80 Euro
Privat session 70min 2 50 Euro
Privat session 70min 3 40 Euro
Group Adults 2h Min 4 49 Euro
Group Children 90min Min 4 29 Euro
Tour 2h Min 4 39 Euro
Tour 3h Min 4 49 Euro 
Day Tour Min 4 89 Euro
Night SUP 2h Min 3 49 Euro
Physio SUP 70min Min 4 29 Euro

Stand up paddling in Majorca