nordic walking

Rediscover the feeling of Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking is a movement for the body, spirit and soul. We invite you to get to know Nordic Walking with the successful author and Nr. 1 in terms of Nordic Walking Andreas Wilhelm and his team. As a movement and relaxation coach, more than 9000 people attended his seminars and formations last year. He is the owner and trainee of the biggest Nordic Walking association, the DNV.


He and his ALFA Coach team walks you into the secrets of the attractive Nordic ALFA Technique. Discover Nordic Walking as a sport, relaxation, movement concept, training and many more.


Target group:

You want to rediscover Nordic Walking

You want to learn more about Nordic Walking

You want to improve your technique

You want to discover a new kind of sort for you

You want to train as part of a group

You are looking for a memorable training session


Offers and Content:

Introduction or deepening into the Nordic ALFA Technique

Learning the 7 Step Method

A memorable walking tour

Learning and deepening of relaxation techniques

Endurance, coordination, strength and agility training

Training for your mental fitness

Exercises to minimize stress

Exercises to maximize relaxation

Movement and walking analysis through video

Learning in a different way



Privat session 90 Min  €
Small groups 2-4 Participants 90 Min  €
Powerday 1 day 6 hours 3-6 Participants  €

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